Wednesday, September 20, 2017

NDNorth: To A Very Special Girl...

Six years ago, something very special happened. A little girl was born. 

She lived in a place that was different from most children, but she still grew and learned and was loved by the ladies who cared for her.

Ever since her foster brother, Frank, celebrated his birthday in July, Ruth has been asking "what about me? When is my birthday?"

"September," we told her. And then the day came.

All of the nannies and uncles and aunties gathered for a celebration, and Ruth blew her candles out (with a little help).

Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you! To a very special little Ruth... Happy birthday to you!

As much as we loved celebrating your birthday with you, Ruth, we sincerely hope that next September you will be celebrating your birthday with your forever family. You're an amazing young lady. We love you!
Thursday, September 14, 2017


Group pictures are always difficult, but when you try to do a group pictures with babies, well, you just hope that one of them turns out!

Luckily, we did get a great picture, but we also got a lot of pretty adorable bloopers on the way!

Stuart doesn’t look too happy about Abner rolling over on him!

Oh wait! Stuart thinks that Micaela's ear is super interesting!

Abner, you're rolling again!

Stuart, it's not time for crawling practice!

Now no one is paying attention!

It's a good thing you three are so cute!